Sophia V. Wheelwright 

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Group Exhibitions

2016 Installation, "Suspended Eddies", Occidental Square, Seattle, WA ( w/David Verkade)

2015 Installation, "Pathways", Equinox Studio, Seattle, WA ( w/Betty Jo Costanzo)

2014 Installation, “Accreted Mesh”, Museum of Northwest Art,La Conner, WA

2014 Installation, (outdoor),“Glen & Now”, Lo-Fi Festival, Arlington, WA

2014 Installation, “Women of Equinox”, All City Coffee, Seattle, WA

2013 Installation, “Mesh 101”, Equinox Studio, Seattle, WA

2013 Installation, (outdoor, w/ Mary Hubbard), Gigapixel Art Zoom Project, parking garage, Seattle

2012 Installation, “Giraffe”, Equinox Studio, Seattle, WA

2012 Installation, “Extraordinary in the Everyday”, Fremont Abbey Arts Center, Seattle, WA

2011 Installation (w/Mary Hubbard), empty commercial space,  2nd Ave, Seattle, WA

2009 Assorted sculpture, “New Growth”, Good Shepherd Center, Seattle, WA

1997 Paper Works, sculpture, School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

Installations for performances/film

2015 Installation  “Vernae” (sculptural elements in multimedia performance) The Drugstore, Belgrade, Serbia

2015 Installation “Vernae”, (sculptural elements in multimedia performance), Northwest Film   Forum, Seattle, WA

2015 Installation, “Vernae” (sculptural elements for a film shoot), Yakima River, Washington

Publications/ Interviews/ Video Documentaries

 2014     Video documentary on “Glen & Now”, @ Lo-Fi 2014 Festival: Ad Hoc

 2014      iBook including text and interview connected with:   

             Installation, “Accreted Mesh”, Museum of Northwest Art, La Conner, WA                          


Professional Affiliations

The Field, Seattle, WA (artist project development group)

Studio Current, Seattle, WA (performative studio space and artist group)

Fiberati, Seattle WA (A Collective of Fiber and Mixed-Media Artists)


2008 Bachelor of Fine Arts: Experiential Learning - Antioch University, Seattle

2006 Participant in Fiber Arts Certificate program - University of Washington, Seattle

1998 Certificate: Fine Art Studio - School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

1991 Certificate: Intensive Studio training  - Actors Space, NYC

1981-1985 Bachelors Studies: Humanities - UC Berkeley, CA