Artist Statement

I am a mixed media sculptor and installation artist whose work over the last few years has been focused on creating environments that highlight what is often invisible: light, color, movement, sound and how they unexpectedly combine. The finished environments or pieces often have an animated elemental energy that shifts depending on the light, the weather and the sound. They alternatingly suggest the energy of water, wind, smoke and clouds without being limited to any one and drawing attention what these phenomena share.

Recent projects have consisted of hand forming hundreds of feet of aluminum mesh over several months in my studio and then using this material to create immersive installations deploying the use of light and in some instances projection and sound.

I love making pieces that people can interact with. In monthly open studios and past projects, I experience how receptive people can be to art that engages their senses. But, I would also like to reach audiences that might not usually go to an art museum or open studio.  To create pieces in places such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools & prisons that can be experienced as oasis environments to give individuals the opportunity to not only “reboot” amidst a chaotic world but to connect to their own imagination. I believe we all harness innate talents to notice and imagine but we get distracted and overwhelmed by too much stimulus and/or stress.

 I see a resident, in their hospital gown, wheeling an IV pole, making their way slowly down a hallway to an alcove where they get to recline, revive and engage inside an installation. I see a piece set up in a nursing home that helps residents connect to the larger world through their senses and memory.  I see an installation in a corner of a classroom where a child might be able to enter into, curl up with a book and find a way to feel contained and supported within a busy day. I think we all need places to revive.

I believe what slows us down, even for a few moments, can remind us how extraordinary everyday objects are and shift our experience of place as we notice texture, patterns, light, movement and sound in a more focused way. I seek to create opportunities to experience these moments through my sculpture and installations.